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Building for Home and Income
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The MODBOX process and team are geared to design and build for projects on steep sites in Queenstown, whether using modular designs, traditional builds or a hybrid approach. 

Our designs, process and people are all tailored to build for the unique conditions of Queenstown weather, location and use.



The most up to date Passive House Design with active airflow systems mean a MODBOX home is impervious to whatever the South throws at us - blistering summer or frozen winter, a passive house is blissfully comfortable to live in.




We bring our team together right at the start to quickly discuss your project between the Builder, Architect and Quantity Surveyor to cut down on time and identify hurdles early, meaning fewer surprises or holdups with the actual build itself. 



MODBOX is constantly refining and tuning our systems to make the process of building smoother and more transparent. Every step of the build is available to you in real-time through our building software. You won't need to call and find out what is going on or drop in to the site - just log in to the project and see exactly where it is at!




MODBOX works to an estimated $4,500sq/mtr cost whether using one of our existing MODBOX modular designs, a traditional building design or a hybrid. Rest assured that our process is always geared towards accurate costs and timings from the beginning. Our goal is to work with you to understand what you can achieve within your budget and use case, quickly and cost-efficiently. 

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