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Our Story

Initially incorporated in 2013 MODBOX has become an established name in Central Otago and Queenstown with over 50 completed builds and happy clients (at close of 2020).

Modbox is now under new management from 2021 and has had a name change to Modbox Queenstown Limited.

Joining the business in 2015 as 2IC, Joe Daly has played a key role in developing the company and now as owner, Joe has ramped up the key role that systems, processes and forward-thinking play in delivering builds in a way that everyone in the process is happy and proud to be part of. The MODBOX process has now scaled to deliver the right build process for any build in Queenstown.

The MODBOX mission is adaptable, sustainable, smart building that continues to evolve with the needs of clients in Queenstown. We have solutions ready for everyone from first-home builders through to high-end residential construction projects, and especially anyone building for home-and-income.

With a keen eye on pushing construction methodologies toward a greener, sustainable and passive approach, MODBOX strives to create strong, durable, energy-efficient buildings with smart space-saving designs.

At MODBOX, we take great pride in excellent workmanship, competitive fees, and an ability to deliver outstanding results. Since our founding, we’ve worked hard toward building and maintaining a stellar reputation as a leading Queenstown contractor.

The goal for our standard Modbox designs is to free you (our clients) from unnecessary design challenges and to focus on tried and tested designs and elements that we know to work for the market and conditions.

If our standard designs aren't quite the idea of what you have in mind, you will still benefit from the standardised systems and processes that we use - even if your project requires a traditional or hybrid build.

We love our panel system and it has huge benefits, but doesn't suit every section or application and is subject to our client's specific needs. Traditional or panel system or hybrid - they key takeaway is that MODBOX approaches every build in a methodical, considered process. We know building in Queenstown; contractors, conditions, pitfalls. With MODBOX, you don't just get a builder, you get a complete building process.

Our online management system allows us to seamlessly work with both local clients and those based abroad through real-time updates to schedules, payment terms, documentation, and selections.

More affordable, more efficient, more innovative.

We love working with people who share our ideas, and that there can always be a better way to do things. We always go to great lengths to builds homes our clients can be proud of.

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