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Modbox is Hiring now!

Modbox builds stunning homes in the Queenstown Region. From luxury steep site builds to entry level family homes or investment properties. There is a little something for everyone to get their teeth into. 

Since 2015 the company has recruited and trained an experienced and cohesive team of building specialists and experienced huge growth for its quality product, expertise and streamlined processes and some of our apprentices have gone on to start their own companies. With just under 18 full time staff and steady continual growth we are always looking for driven and engaged people that have pride in their work and ambition to achieve. 

This growth has taken our initial Green team to maximum capacity and recruitment has now begun for Blue team to meet demand.

Modbox began building entry-level family homes, and the team grew. Then we made medium houses. And the team grew and learned. Then we built some big houses. And the team grew again and became more experienced and specialised.

Now, we don't just build houses. We build everything from stunning swimming pools to grand designs on steep hills. How? Because we don't focus on building houses. We build teams.


Through trial, error, and perseverance over years of learning, practice and testing, Modbox has developed a best-in-class approach when it comes to planning, process, problem-solving and, most importantly, people.


For our clients who have a Queenstown lifestyle dream,

Modbox makes it a reality. 


Today's clients don't just want to contract a builder - they want to hire the right team, enjoy the experience and often come back a few years later to do it all again.

Shaped and trained to operate at peak performance together as a unit, the Modbox philosophy is to find and bind the right individuals and let them contribute to their unit's success by building on their strengths and abilities.


We never assume 'she'll be right' or take a number-8-wire approach -we operate at a high international level for top-shelf clients.


Modbox Green Team is now fully formed and functional with experienced veterans of large, complex projects within the Modbox system. Green Team is now at maximum capacity on our current projects, but demand continues to push growth.

We are now recruiting to create the Blue team, and we want to hear from the best builders we can find!


Recruiting has now begun to create Team Blue, which includes:

  • Experienced Builders

  • Year 4 Apprentices

Benefitting from the years of experience and practice of Team Green in the Modbox eco-system, MODBOX Blue Team will, over the next two years, be recruited, trained and organised to double the Modbox operational capacity and develop the same high standard of professionalism, focus and teamwork, while adding new specialities and strengths to the overall company.


Blue Team will also provide the chance to broaden diversity within the company and we are especially keen to hear from people from any culture or background.


We understand that many different perspectives lead to new ways of looking at things and provide creative solutions for our diverse range of clients, their backgrounds and tastes.

If you are at the point in your career where you are the most on-to-it person in your current building employment - and would like to be part of all the benefits of living and working in Queenstown for a company that knows unique people are the key to success long term - we want to hear from you.

We offer good pay, help with accommodation and setting up in Queenstown for those not already here, and the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of big projects and a genuine team and performance-enhancing culture that enjoys pushing for excellence in work and lifestyle.

Please fill out the appropriate form below for your level of ability, hit the button and our recruiters will be in touch as soon as possible. 


Don't delay, join us at Modbox and be part of the future of building in Queenstown, now.

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