Meet our team


Modbox is an active, motivated local team. We live and work in Queenstown and build for people who live locally and those who are based around the world.


We understand the environment, the seasons and the special way of life this amazing town provides. We have lived in and built houses the old school way, and we knew we could provide something smarter.


Just like our clients, as builders, we don’t want to deal with delays and uncertainty. Efficiency, speed, and quality control allow us to do what we do and spend more time enjoying life than correcting mistakes or cleaning up waste. Our panels are precision computer-cut to the millimeter. Less waste = less cost and less for the site team to clean up!

Our Team is made up of uniquely skilled individuals that bring a range of abilities into the company and allows us to be small and agile - no one-trick ponies here.


Everyone pulls double duty and are united by a common desire to build quality homes. our team works smarter and faster. We enjoy our work and are proud of what we create.






Joe grew up near the quaint town of Chester, England. He joined Modbox Queenstown in Jan 2015 and is the brains of the operation with a degree in computer science and Diplomas in Project Management. 

Joe is the big picture guy, calm and easy to talk to. Whatever the challenge there is always a balanced solution to be found. Joe brings digital tools and systems to the business which allow us to manage multiple projects at once across multiple locations and build phases. 

Joe came to Queenstown for the same reasons we all do - lifestyle. He comes from managing multi-million dollar projects in the UK and Canada and overseeing the implementation of high unit delivery projects. 

He brings a modern build methodology and systemization to Modbox as well as a drive to continually improve our products and the ability to transition between site and the office in the country he now calls home.


His skill set enables our small company to perform and compete with much larger companies through the use of good systems, effective company culture, and the implementation of technologies that allow our clients to be based anywhere in the world and still be in control of their build.





As a former site manager for Bamford McLeod and  AJ Saville, Ian is at home with the complexities of efficiently managing high-end residential projects.

No stranger to amazing projects with big budgets, and he brings that same attitude of quality and precision to Modbox builds.


The difference working with Modbox is that the minimal waste approach is a breath of fresh air, knowing that all effort and materials contribute directly to the project without watching money go to the tip or time get wasted waiting around for multiple suppliers.

Wakeboarding and snowboarding are his off-work passions. Preferred mode of transport - a dingy.





Jamie was born and raised in Kitwe, Zambia until he was 12, then moved to the Isle of Wight, UK with his family. He came to Queenstown in 2007 for 4 weeks travelling and is still here 11 years on.


Formerly head mechanic at Polygon UR, a downhill mountain bike team on the World Cup race circuit. Prior to that, he was a bike track and trail builder in Queenstown. Jamie likes the speed at which you can see progress in the construction process with Modbox and enjoys the hands-on nature of the team involved in all aspects of the build.





Ian grew up in a small coastal village in Wales. He came to New Zealand in February 2015 for a two-week holiday and like many, he's still here!

Ian has a strong background in the marine industry learning his trade as a boat builder, and then became a Gib Fixer and Stopper over the last six years.

Since moving to New Zealand he has grown as a tradie and is on his way towards becoming a supervisor. Ian has an excellent eye for detail and helps track and monitor our Health and Safety on a day-to-day basis.

As well as a broad knowledge of our composite systems. Ian was drawn to join Modbox based on our modern designs and intelligent use of space.




Otis is the youngest team member of Modbox! He is in his second-year of apprenticeship and came South from Hamilton. Prior to Modbox, Otis worked on commercial renovations, residential construction and built farm sheds/stables.

At only 23, his keen interest in all building has given him a lot more experience than the average apprentice. Otis enjoys working with Modbox because of the tight-nit team and sense of working in unison and having the ability to learn from other more experience team members. 




Declan is our token Irishman and does exactly as it says on the Tin. Originally from Leitrim Ireland. A true team player he organizes the annual Charity Hurling match played locally and watched by hundreds each year. Declan is also involved in the new local GAA Football Club called Queenstown Geals.     

As a qualified plasterer, he has excellent stopping skills and is trained in Median polished plaster Novacolor. Also a qualified installer for EliteCrete Ireland. 

Keen to develop in the industry and has the drive to advance his skills and career to also become qualified as a Carpenter. 





Simon's building career started 16 years ago working on large commercial buildings in his home town in North East Switzerland. Since arriving in New Zealand 6 years ago he has made the switch to Residential building and hasn't looked back since!
In his spare time you can find Simon at the ice rink playing hockey, exploring the mountains on his snowboard, or wading through the many local rivers fly fishing. He loves how accessible Queenstown is to the backcountry, although he does miss the more reliable snow conditions of Switzerland.
Simon loves the culture and the close team at Modbox