Meet our team


Modbox is an active, motivated local team. We live and work in Queenstown and build for people who live and work in Queenstown.


We know the environment, the seasons and the special way of life this amazing town provides. We have lived in and built houses the old school way, and we knew we could provide something smarter.


Just like our clients, as builders we don’t want to deal with the delays and uncertainty of stick-built houses or the low quality of available pre-fabs. Efficiency, speed and quality control allow us to do what we do and spend more time enjoying life than correcting mistakes or cleaning up waste. Our panels are precision computer-cut to the millimetre. Less waste = less cost and less for the site team to clean up!

Our Team is made up of uniquely skilled individuals that bring a range of abilities into the company and allows us to be small and agile - no one-trick ponies here. Everyone pulls double duty and are all united by a common desire to build on the potential of Modbox to do things smarter, easier and faster than the various branches of traditional building that we all come from. We want to create the future of building, now.





Jimmy Grew up in the Catlins as a back country farm boy, and loves getting on his dirt bike, kite surfing and hanging with his Bernese Mountain dog Saf. But living in isolation with limited resources also meant that he developed an incredibly active imagination and classic Kiwi ingenuity - invent, reuse, recycle. It also built into him a desire for new ideas, new people and new experiences to influence his own unique Jimmy take on the world. Never accepting that there is only one way to do something, Jimmy is the consummate Kiwi tinkerer, always looking to improve or adapt things in ways that most people would never even think of. 


This ethos of always upgrading means that every job and every client is a chance to improve, which means that Modbox is only getting better, faster, stronger with every completed build. In an age where quality is secondary to cost, Jimmy’s core values mean that his business delivers value for money that you just can’t get from a traditional building firm or franchise.


Driven, enthusiastic and an endless source of innovative ideas, Jimmy is always thinking ahead and looking for better ways to do things - even when the existing way is pretty good Jimmy is the spiritual leader of the team, as classic Kiwi as they come





Joe is a recent import to Queenstown, having grown up in the quaint town of Chester, England. Joe moved to Queenstown in Jan 2015 and is the brains of the operation with a degree in computer science and a knack for project management and organisation. While Jimmy is the jump-in-and-do-it type, Joe is the stand back and look at the big picture guy. Using software and systems to manage multiple projects at once across locations and build stages, Joe came to Queenstown for the same reasons we all do - lifestyle. He comes from managing huge multi-million dollar projects in Canada and overseeing kitchen and bathroom renovations on a large scale. 

He brings this understanding of commercial building and manufacture of kitchen and bathroom modules to Modbox as well as the ability to work on-site outdoors in the country he now calls home, and enables our tiny company with technical skills and capabilities that most big companies struggle to recruit.




Kate grew up in Southland and moved to Wanaka 2001. She is the heart of the team, keeping the connection between clients, suppliers, the team and everything else that goes through the office. She keeps the beat and makes sure that things don’t fall through the cracks with an amazing ability to get on and do things fast. Her speed and attention are part of what means that Modbox doesn’t need a whole office full of people when you have someone who just gets on with it. Kate formerly worked as a kitchen designer in Wanaka and managed an Italian tile store in Perth, Australia before that. 


Besides her role in the team, she is therefore also a super bonus aid to clients when it comes to interiors, kitchens and bathrooms and the ‘feel’ of a home to go with the more technical side of things that the boys are obsessed with. Her input is important because she understands things from both the client and the team point of view, and is excellent at translating that into meaningful outcomes that push things forward.




Ian is the newest Modbox team member. As a former site manager for Bamford McLeod and  AJ Saville, Ian is at home with the complexities of efficiently managing high end residential builds. He is no stranger to amazing projects with big budgets, and he brings that same attitude of quality and precision to Modbox builds. What is different about working with Modbox is that the minimal waste approach is a breath of fresh air, knowing that all effort and materials contribute directly to the project without watching money go to the tip or time get wasted waiting around for multiple suppliers. Wakeboarding and snowboarding are his off-work passions. Preferred mode of transport - a dingy.




Cam grew up in CHCH and worked as a joiner,  then moved to Queenstown 11 years ago, where he worked in the snowboard industry, with time also in Canada.


Cam is the fingers of the operation, excellent at finishing work and making final touches. One of the things that he loves about working with the solid Modbox wall panels is that you can put retaining screws and bolts anywhere and perfectly align things like tvs, shelves and other items in a room without worrying about them. He has seen how quickly a Modbox home goes up and is currently planning to build a Modbox for his own family.




Jamie was born and raised in Kitwe, Zambia until he was 12, then moved to the Isle of Wight, UK with his family. He came to Queenstown in 2007 for 4 weeks travelling and is still here 11 years on.


Formerly head mechanic at Polygon UR, a downhill mountain bike team on the World Cup race circuit. Prior to that, he was a bike track and trail builder in Queenstown. Jamie likes the speed at which you can see progress in the construction process with Modbox and enjoys the hands-on nature of the team involved in all aspects of the build.




Ian grew up in a small coastal village in Wales. He came to New Zealand in February 2015 for a two week holiday and he's still here!

Ian has a strong background in the marine industry learning his trade as a boat builder. Since moving to New Zealand he has mastered a new trade and brings an excellent eye for detail to our team, as well as a broad knowledge of our composite systems. Ian was drawn to Modbox for their modern design and intelligent use of space.



Otis is Youngest team member of Modbox! He is in his first year apprenticeship and came south from Hamilton. Prior to Modbox, Otis did commercial renovations, residential houses and built farm sheds/stables. At only 21, his keen interest in all building has given him a lot more experience than the average hammer hand. Otis likes Modbox because of the tight team and sense of working together in unison with everyone adding their own input, instead of just being the lowest rung on the ladder as the youngest.




Saf is Jimmy's constant companion. A Bernese Mountain Dog, Saf is often onsite and ever unimpressed at the lack of playtime. A big dog that thinks she is a little dog, Saf is great with other dogs and children and provides endless entertainment with her particular Saf ways.