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Homes designed for rugged South Island terrains and conditions.

Building in one of the most beautiful locations in the world also has its fair share of challenges.

Blistering sun in summer, snow and ice in winter, unstable cliffs, steep sites, access, council regulations and caveats, shifting regulations.

MODBOX is experienced at the ins and outs and has the relationships and suppliers to tackle any project with steady professionalism and foresight.

Build the kind of home that makes the most of Queenstown with the least amount of surprises.

Made in Queenstown For Queenstown

MODBOX are specialists in project management for Queenstown builds.

When it comes to new uild projects in Queenstown, we have the ability to design and build on sites that require extra attention to the geography and incline to avoid overruns and extra costs.

High quality claddings and materials can make your home stand out or blend in, but either way you will be warm in winter, cool in summer and protected from the elements.

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Striking, functional modern designs

Queenstown is all about lifestyle - and location. MODBOX is experienced in making the most of your site and what it has to offer, building features that allow you to enjoy your location to the fullest and year round.


Decking, spa pools, outlooks and landscaping all turn a house into a magnificent mountain sanctuary.

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Come on in...

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A range of high quality materials to change the way you feel about floors.

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Entry ways and spaces to accent and add space

Our designs and approaches take into consideration the people move around and experience the space, looking fro ways to improve the feeling of space, light and comfort.

Minimising the impact of 'in between' and providing clean flow from area to area, we design for minimal intrusions and maximum impact.

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Modern, clean lines to highlight picture windows.

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Live and breathe 

MODBOX lives and breathes Queenstown, which is why we are proud of the work we do in our home town. 

If you have a site that deserves a house that is functional, modern, stylish, efficient, economical and impressive, talk to us about making your vision a reality.

Because we work regularly with the top designers, architects and Quantity Surveyors in Queesntown, we can get any project started on the right track from the start.

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