Why Modbox?


Modbox is at the razors edge of innovative, affordable home building in Central Otago & Southland, New Zealand.


Our designs and processes are leading the way for Southern Kiwis to live the lifestyle they want, in a home that can handle everything the harsh Southern environment throws at it - mountain winds, deep snow, harsh frost, blistering sun.

Built from custom-cut panel board that is transported to site, our homes are easier to design and build than traditional methods


From tiny to large, lake-front to alpine, our Modular homes out-perform traditional building techniques in every area.

More efficient, cost-effective, faster to design and build.

Kiwis understand a good idea when they see it, and we have been inundated with requests for quotes from all parts of New Zealand clamouring for homes that do the job properly.


Our homes range from 1-4 bedrooms, and we also do additions, adding a new space to any existing home.


Whatever your use, a Modbox goes up fast, without the delays and stress of traditional builds - and they don't cost a king's ransom.