Live the tiny house dream

Say goodbye to over-inflated mortgage costs, rates bills, power bills, water bills, boarders, room mates and say HELLO to Lifestyle and Freedom! Modbox builds tiny houses in New Zealand.



Because the Tiny Mods come on a trailer they are not connected to reticulated services therefore do not require building consent.


Our Tiny Mods come solar ready with the option to add solar panels as an upgrade. 


Our water tanks are pressurised and the waste water tanks are removable and are a managable size.



Maximum Weight

For a light trailer, the maximum gross vehicle mass (GVM) is 3500kg. This is the combined weight of the trailer and the load it is carrying.


Maximum Width

Most trailers that you can buy are 2.4m wide but the maximum width is 2.5m wide.


Maximum Length

The maximum allowable length of trailer from drawbar to end of the load is 12.5m


Maximum Height

There is a "maximum height" of 4.25m. However this isn't really a maximum. You are legally allowed to tow trailers over this height as long as you check your route properly and follow a few easy guidelines.



Our trailers come from Lochiel Trailers in Winton and have the Lochiel Guarantee.


We have worked closely with Lochiel to ensure that our trailers are engineered as Tiny House trailers and are therefore balanced when on the road, have suitable braking systems, correct tyres, low profile from road to trailer bed, and suspension and are super lightweight for the strength and size (essential when there is a weight restriction on the overall Tiny Mod).