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The Flying Swimming Pool

How do you install a pool into a beautiful mature property without damaging the existing landscape? With a big helicopter, teamwork - and nerves of steel.

Installing a 1070kg full-size fibreglass pool presents problems when you have steep terrain, limited access and do not want to damage the beautifully landscaped surroundings. Problems mean delays and increased costs.

Unless that is, you have a good working relationship with linesmen familiar with remote build locations... and have a big helicopter.

So for the first, but probably not the last time, we flew an entire fibreglass swimming pool into a location to be dropped straight into the ground.

Of course, doing it wasn't easy, with multiple considerations such as weather and safety, but the result is almost indistinguishable from the design renders.

We saved the client thousands of dollars in cost, and the pool was lifted and on the ground in 25 mins.

Thinking laterally as a team and with our partners and network makes MODBOX the problem-solving building company for South Island terrain and conditions.

A big thanks to the following for making this project work perfectly;

Katie Deans Landscaping

DK Architecture

Southern Planning Group

Southern Spas and pools


Peak Earth Shaping

Southern Landmarx Paving

Foleys Plumbing & Gas

On Time Electrical




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